Wrestle to Win!

Purchasing AAU Cards

Once you feel that your son is interested and ready to complete in competitive tournaments you will need to purchase an AAU card to gain entry into the majority of events held around the state. All tournaments are required to be AAU or USA sanctioned for insurance purposes, which then requires that all participants at that event have AAU memberships to address liability issues. Traditionally, tournament representatives will ask that you provide evidence of your AAU membership when you register and weigh in at a tournament. If you do not feel that you will be competing at tournaments, then an AAU card is not necessary.

Coaches cards are only required if you are interested in coaching at matside during wrestling tournaments. There are normally a significant number of coaches who represent Pierre at the majority of wrestling tournaments (i.e., we had more than 25 registered coaches at the district tournament last year who assisted at matside, along with the three primary coaches who run the group 1, 2, and 3 practices) so you may want to first gauge whether a coaching card is necessary.

The process for obtaining AAU registration cards can be completed by going to the website identified below. If you have not purchased a AAU card in the past it will ask you to create a log-in for the website. After providing your personal information on the initial page you will be asked to select from a series of menus related to the type of AAU card you are planning to purchase. Please select each of the following listed below if you are seeking a regular athlete membership, and a non-athlete adult membership which applies to coaches. Once you are finished you will be given an opportunity to print off the card for your records. I would recommend printing multiple copies for your car(s). Put one in your wallet/purse, one in the car you will travel to tournaments in, and one in an envelope that you keep other forms or documentation for wrestling. Even the most seasoned of wrestling families have arrived at tournaments having forgotten their AAU cards. If web access is an issue or financial assistance is needed please feel free to contact one of the club officers for assistance.

Athletes - https://play.aausports.org/login2.aspx?=returnurl=/summary.aspx 
    Cost - $14.00 
    Program – Youth 
    Membership Term – Expires August 31, 2020 – Regular Membership 
    Sport – Wrestling
    Club – SDWCA 
    Club Code – 473A6X 

Coaches -
    Cost - $16.00
    Program – Adult
    Membership Term - Expires August 31, 2020– Regular Membership – 16.00 
    Sport – Wrestling 
    Club – SDWCA 
    Club Code – 473A6X